What if...

you didn’t have to learn a whole new language and development toolset to create native mobile apps?

With RubyMotion Jumpstart, there’s no need to learn Objective C or Swift, or (please, no) Xcode, to create mobile apps. You’ll learn how to build an app in a weekend, with Ruby!

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RubyMotion Jumpstart 2.0

Tell Me If This Sounds Like You

  • You tried Objective C, but the [] on everything made it so hard to read.
  • You tried Swift, but every time you went back to your project it was broken because the language spec changed, AGAIN
  • You thought about trying React, but you just couldn't convince yourself to use Javascript "for fun"

  • Context switching between languages is so hard.

  • You are tired of living on the struggle bus, fighting with a different language, tool chain, and ... Xcode.

  • You create web apps for a living, but more and more of your clients and customers are looking for apps... Real native apps.

What if there was a way to create native mobile apps without switching languages, struggling with substandard editors, and fumbling with unfamiliar tool chains?

That's what drew me to RubyMotion to create MY first app.

I created RubyMotion Jumpstart so that you too can experience the joy of creating mobile apps with your favourite language, Ruby.

Create a whole, useful app in a weekend,

with RubyMotion Jumpstart

You can create a non-trivial iOS app in a weekend, with our step-by-step videos to show you the way. And if you need to refer back to anything, you don't have to hunt for it in the videos, because there is an accompanying ebook, where you can find it all laid out. Our app colour theme and design worksheets with bonus videos will help you create a custom and flexible app design. And the source code screen templates (all working code) will take your app above and beyond, with the included web, map, and API-refreshable table screen examples. And finally, the App Deploy Checklist will help you get that app of yours up and running on your own phone!

Imagine where you could be in one weekend.

With a working app, that you created, on your own phone, showing off to your friends, family, and coworkers.

  • WITHOUT learning a new language.
  • WITHOUT dealing with the pain of Xcode.
  • USING a language you know and love
  • USING your favourite editor
  • USING a familiar set of tools
Right now, your biggest stumbling block to creating your app...

...is the huge learning curve and context switch to a new language and a whole new toolset (Xcode/Swift/Objective C). I know. I've been there, struggling to find the time, to learn the new toolset, the new language, and then struggling to find more time to actually build the app. Every time you go back to your project, Xcode needs to be updated, or the language changes out from under you. It's so frustrating.

Imagine if...

...you could just use Ruby(Motion), the language you love to use every day. And your favourite editor. And your familiar toolset (rake, bundler, rubygems). You could just concentrate on BUILDING YOUR APP.

RubyMotion Jumpstart will give you the boost you need to get that app up and running on your own phone. 

Why not get started RIGHT NOW?!?

Our Course Creator

Lori Olson is the founder and chief instructor of the WNDX School. Like you, Lori is a Ruby enthusiast of many years. Whether developing web applications with Rails (welltriever.com, kudosnow.com, scrippslifestylenetwork.com, equinect.ca) or iOS apps with RubyMotion (WIMBY, coredatainmotion.com), she maintains that Ruby is the most productive, flexible, and fun-to-work-with language for most software development needs.

"My goal with RubyMotion Jumpstart is to help developers get off to a running start with RubyMotion, so you can have a useful, functional native mobile app that YOU created, running on your OWN phone, in a weekend."

"So, what do I get for $57?"

When you purchase RubyMotion Jumpstart, you get:

Step by Step Video Course

($50 value)

Get set up, create your app, build screens with interaction and navigation, populate your app with data, build custom screen layouts & styles, provision your device and get your app running on your OWN PHONE!

App Design Worksheets

($10 value)

These worksheets (and associated example project for generating more) will help you quickly create a responsive design which will be flexible and easy to adapt to all screens and sizes.

App Color Themes


This bonus video and sample code will help you quickly customize your app, with a well balanced color theme.

App Deploy Checklist

($25 value)

Lifted straight from the 6 Pack Apps course, this checklist will quickly guide you through the somewhat painful App Store deploy process.

Source Code Templates

($200 value)

These screen templates of working source code, in working examples, will assist you in creating the content screens your app needs.

Jumpstart Ebook

($50 value)

If you get stuck, or just don't like video learning, we have you covered. The complete transcript of the videos, including all the commands and source code, is included in ebook form.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don't really have much time. How long will it take?

It's only 1.5 hours of content, to go through the main video lessons. Bonus lessons can be reviewed as you need them, if you need them, once you start building your own app.

I don't really like videos, is there something I can read?

Yup, we have an accompanying ebook, which covers all the content from the main lesson videos.

Is RubyMotion *really* Ruby?

RubyMotion is a *compiled* version of Ruby, forked at ~ Ruby 1.9. It treats keyword arguments a little differently than Ruby 2.0, but with the new DragonRuby initiative, has started converging back to the Ruby language spec.

Is it hard to design a mobile app? What about all the different screen sizes?

The included app design worksheets with bonus video will guide you through the basics of designing a pleasing and flexible app, that will work responsively on most screen sizes. 

I heard it's hard to get an app on my phone. Is that part of the course?

With our lesson on mobile provisioning, you will find it's as easy as 1,2,3 to set up your certificates, provision your phone, and deploy your app.

How do I create [X/Y/Z] kind of screen?

We don't want you to waste time figuring out ALL THE THINGS, so we've included working, documented source code for some of the most commonly asked for examples: Maps, Data-refreshable tables, Web Screens. More examples will be added as students of the course ask for them.

Is RubyMotion Jumpstart right for you?

RubyMotion Jumpstart is perfect for all kinds of people:

  1. Ruby Developers. You love Ruby, and look for opportunities to use it for a variety of projects
  2. Rails Developers. You know and love Rails, an MVC framework with testing baked right in. You'll be right at home with the powerful RedPotion framework with it's ProMotion controllers, RMQ views, and CDQ models. 
  3. Developers who want to build apps for minorities/seniors/diverse groups who are not well-served. The App Store is filled with apps created mostly by a very limited demographic (single white guys). Who's going to build the apps for you? The young women? The aging boomers? The burgeoning families? The caregivers?
  4. Going Indie. Thinking about going indie, and creating your own apps to sell? You can get those apps built FAST, with a familiar language, toolset, and editor.
  5. Going Freelance. Thinking about building apps for others? Utilize your existing experience and toolset, and start building native mobile applications for all those entrepreneurs out there.

How does this work?

1. Purchase your copy of RubyMotion Jumpstart using ANY of the buttons on this page.

2. Use your existing Teachable account, or create a new password when you confirm your email after your purchase.

3. When you receive your confirmation email, log in to the course, and get started!

Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of RubyMotion Jumpstart—and the fact that you could consume it in less than 48 hours—we do not offer refunds.

But you don't have to cross your fingers and hope! Check out the testimonials on the purchase page!

The warm fuzzy reality? Once you complete RubyMotion Jumpstart (and start creating your OWN app), you’ll be thinking of a different r-word: Referral. 😉 #somanyapps

Get instant access to RubyMotion Jumpstart with this special LIMITED TIME offer: $37.

  • Video Recordings ($50)
  • App Color Themes bonus video & code ($35)
  • App Design Worksheets ($10)
  • App Deploy Checklist ($25)
  • Source Code Screen Templates ($200)
  • Mini-ebook download ($50)

Total Value: $370!!!

RubyMotion Jumpstart 2.0

Learn to rapidly create iOS apps with RubyMotion (with the powerful RedPotion framework)

With RubyMotion Jumpstart, there’s no need to learn Objective C or Swift, or (please, no) Xcode, to create mobile apps. You’ll learn how to get an app built in a weekend, with Ruby!

This introductory price of $37 in only available for a short time, and then it's going up to $57.