6 Pack Apps for Developers

Get that app idea out of your head and into the App Store

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Always an app idea, never an app

What good is your app, if it stays in your head, or it becomes just a toy, a hobby, that you take out and play with once in a while, but never manage to finish?

It seems like there's always some reason why you can't finish your app, why you can't commit to getting it into the App Store. Do any of these sound like you?

  • I always wanted to make an app, but all the good ideas are taken
  • How do I even know if anyone needs my app?
  • I'm not a designer, my app is ugly
  • What if there's some horrible bug, and I get crushed with bad reviews?
  • All that App Store stuff is SO complicated
  • What if I launch, and no one downloads my app?

You're afraid that you will spend all that time, effort, and money creating your app and getting it into the App Store, only to have no one at all download it, or worse, to have everyone who downloads it leave a 1 star app review. It's safer to just keep dreaming about your app idea, or showing people your prototype, safe on your own device, where no one else can touch it.

You know there are thousands of developers who have created tens -- no hundreds -- no thousands -- of successful apps, you just don't think YOU can do it.

What if YOU could get YOUR app into the App Store?

What if you knew all the steps to crafting a well designed, thoroughly tested app. An app that helps real people with their problems. An app with 5 star reviews, that you are proud to take out and show off to your friends, your family, your coworkers. That could be YOUR app in the App Store, before summer.

You've seen those crappy apps. The poorly designed, ugly, crashy things that are painful for people to use, and undoubtedly an embarrassment to the developer who created them. But that doesn't have to be your app.

Create an app that people will love

And get that app out into their hands with our 10 week interactive course. Start with your audience. Master the steps to create that tight, usable, and well tested app. Then confidently launch that app to your audience, secure in the knowledge that your app will help them.

You will learn the six vital steps to take you from your idea (or audience) to your app in the App Store, with rave reviews.

Just bring your idea or audience, buy 6 Pack Apps, and you'll be experiencing the satisfaction of seeing your own app in the App Store in no time.

Do YOU want to be a published App Developer in the App Store before summer?

The 6 Pack Apps course will take you on a deep dive into the 6 vital steps from Idea to App Store, and I'll be with you the entire way.

We will walk through the steps together, with plenty of exercises and examples, to keep you motivated, and see the measurable progress of your app from step to step. Weekly live Q&A's will help you overcome any of the inevitable difficulties and challenges.

Don't go alone!

We'll have a private Slack group for the 6 Pack App creators to share their problems, successes and progress. We'll be critiquing each other's work, testing each other's applications, and cheering each other on when our apps start hitting the App Store.

Don't waste more of your precious evenings and weekends...

...dabbling for weeks, months or even years on an app that never sees the light of day. Let's get that app launched this time. AND, everyone who is ready to submit an app to the App Store before the end of the 10 weeks will receive a FREE one year Indie license for RubyMotion. That's an EXTRA $199 value, right there.

Course Outline

  1. Week one (Step 1)
  • Selecting YOUR best topic areas for audience research
  • Finding audiences in your chosen topic areas
  • Mining your audience for pains, pleasures, and $$$
  1. Week two (Step 1)
  • Validating your idea(s)
  • Refining your idea down to Creative Atom/Minimum Lovable Product
  • Crafting your offer
  • Where you should validate
  • App coming soon site planning
  1. Week three (Step 3, Step 2)
  • Writing User Stories for your MLP (your definition of done)
  • examples - WIMBY
  • Why everyone is a designer
  • How to evaluate apps for design
  • Principles of Mobile UX
  1. Week four (Step 2)
  • Templates and tools for design
  • Intro to Apple HIG
  • Design Prototypes and tools
  • Design Validation with real users
  • Using design feedback
  1. Week five (Step 3)
  • Why we test, proof and progress
  • Refining your definition of done
  • examples - WIMBY
  • Avoiding expensive side trips
  • Ensuring you test the right things
  • Types of mobile testing
  1. Week six (Step 3)
  • TDD for Plain old Ruby, BDD for User Interface
  • Testing tools (TDD, BDD, Automation)
  • Accessibility & testing
  • Mobile testing challenges
  1. Week seven (Step 4)
  • Where to start (your MLP)
  • What libraries / tools
  • Examples - WIMBY
  • Reduce / Reuse
  • Where to find help
  • Development tools
  • Tools for library management
  • Build tools
  1. Week eight (Step 5)
  • Understanding Why (security/privacy) deployment is hard
  • Deploy to own devices
  • Pre-submit checklist
  • Deployment tools
    • App Store Connect
    • Distribution builds
    • Provisioning
  • App Store alidation/upload
  • How to Test Flight
    • Beta test users
  1. Week nine (Step 5 / Step 6)
  • Beta test feedback
  • App Store Process
    • Simple process steps
    • App Store SEO
    • Search keywords
  • App Name / Icon
    • Icon tools
    • Description & Promotional text
  1. Week ten (Step 6)
  • Screen Shots & Tools
  • Preview Videos & Tools
  • Basic email marketing
  • App launch site planning
    • Marketing page
    • Support / Contact
    • Privacy Policy How-To

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The first course material will be dripped the week of April 8th. Each week new lectures, exercises and supporting materials will be made available. Live Q&A sessions will be held each week, wrapping up the week of June 14th.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
What if I have a scheduling conflict with the Live Q&A sessions?
You will always be encouraged to submit your questions in advance for the Q&A sessions. If you can't make it, no worries, I'll make sure all the questions submitted are answered in the session, and the video & audio of those sessions will be posted in the course.
Do I have to have an app idea to start the course?
Absolutely not. In fact, it might even be easier for you if you don't start with a specific idea. Sometimes we get attached to these ideas, and ignore the evidence that they might not be *good* ideas, or that the might be **too** ambitious for a first app. Ideas are really what the first step is about. Throwing those ideas away, and starting from *your best* place, which is an audience. So, no you don’t need an idea or project to start.
Will there be guidance on coming up with sensibly scoped app ideas? Am I behind the eight ball in getting to a beta since I don't have an idea?
Weeks 1 & 2 will help you refine your concept down to a sensibly scoped app. And in Week 3, I'll provide you with the tools you need to ensure you keep it within scope with the "definition of done".

Your Instructor

Lori M Olson
Lori M Olson

At WNDX School, we love two things more than anything: teaching others how to create awesome apps….and teaching those same people how to be successful with those apps. Lori is here to share her programming skills and love of apps on behalf of everyone here at WNDX.

So, here you are, still reading, and you haven't clicked one of those buy buttons yet. I get it, you aren't sure. Got questions about the course that we haven't answered yet? Send an email or DM me on Twitter, and I can get those answered for ya.

Or maybe... you're not sure if you can swing the lump sum payment. I get that, too. And we have you covered with an installment plan.

Remember. We don't succeed until YOU succeed, and have your app in the App Store ! If you don't get your app in the App Store, you can re-enrol in the NEXT 6 Pack Apps at no cost to you, GUARANTEED!